Blood Orange Botanical Vodka Soda

Blood Orange Botanical Vodka Soda

Your New Go-To Vodka Cocktail

Can I tell you a secret? I never tried anything blood orange until this year. Shocking, right? Now, blood orange gets incorporated into recipes as often as possible! This vodka cocktail has been my favorite use of the orange thus far

Vodka has always been my go-to. I prefer it over other liquors. The Gray’s Peak Botanical Vodka was an impulse buy that was so worth it. The vodka has hints of grapefruit, chamomile, and cardamom. Definitely unique flavors that mesh together perfectly.

Blood Orange Botanical Vodka Soda

Truthfully, the addition of grapefruit or regular orange juice would be delicious in this drink. I went with blood orange because of the beautiful color from just a little bit of fresh juice. Lime juice would be a great addition during the summer months. So many fun modifications available!

One sip and you’ll say “that’s the spirit!” As a helpful note for anyone on Weight Watchers, this drink is 3 points (4 points if you do a heavy pour of vodka)

Let’s Make a Cocktail!


2 oz botanical vodka

1 oz fresh blood orange juice (or more to taste)

1.5 oz club soda


Blood orange slice garnish


Combine ice, vodka, and juice in glass. Top off with club soda and garnish with blood orange slice

Enjoy responsibly!

**This cocktail would be delicious at brunch alongside my gluten free quiche with salsa verde!**

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Blood Orange Botanical Vodka Soda

Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 5 minutesTotal time: 5 minutesServings:1 drink Best Season:Available


This Blood Orange Botanical Vodka Soda will be your new, go-to cocktail. It is perfect for any occasion and perfectly refreshing.



  1. Combine ice, vodka, and juice in glass. Top off with club soda and garnish with blood orange slice


  • If blood orange not available, can swap out with orange, lime, or other fruit juice
  • If looking for mocktail, just remove vodka and double club soda amount
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