Rachel Bakes at Home

Rachel Bakes at Home

It all started with banana bread…

It is difficult to say anything positive about 2020. Quarantine and social distancing were norms for several months. Because of my lack of socialization in March and early April of 2020, I began brainstorming how to stay connected to people other than via Zoom happy hours. Queue the first banana bread bake! I then began experimenting with tarts and cookies. I’d wrap up the bakes and do porch deliveries to friends and family. We’d catch up through screen doors or windows.

I’ve always been a lover of all things food so trying new recipes and challenging myself in the kitchen has brought me great joy. I started my Instagram page dedicated to my food creations in late August and never looked back. I also enrolled in iFoodtography and Foodtography School and began creating my own recipes for bakes and cocktails. Now, here we are!

So why a blog?

I want to connect with like-minded people who enjoy baking and creating quality food. This blog is going to follow my journey as I recreate recipes and also create my own recipes. Trust me, it’ll be exciting and I’ll throw in all kinds of cheesy food puns along the way!


SC based recipe and content developer, food photographer and stylist, and blogger with a focus on reduced-guilt recipes. I believe food is meant to be enjoyed but shouldn't require cups of sugar and artificial ingredients to taste good. I create easy recipes for savory and sweet eats and treats, bright cocktails, as well as fun meal prep tips and tricks. Grab a fork and dig in!

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